July 20, 2010

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The New York-based fashion design duo  SHAPE SHIFTR is a label dedicated to creating innovative clothing inspired by the constant change in silhouette. Meghan Lavery andJ’aime Lizotte are a pair that work simultaneousness in achieving the balance of two triangles. Inspirations of both these women create dating fashion beyond our time of the present but searching the past of Ancient Egyptian culture to redefine the future fashions. In an industry that is subject to evolve, I believe SHAPE SHIFTR has a focused appeal to outlast the test of time.

“I make things I want to wear.  I’m into what I’m into. “ -SHAPE SHIFTR

Up Close & Dirty | Shape Shifter

DIRTY: What were the earliest signs of interest in fashion design for each of you?
J’aime: I couldn’t find clothes I was really into, so I started making things that I wanted to wear.  That’s really it, it’s that simple.  I’d get up in the morning and think of what I wanted to wear and then I would make it.
Meghan: Very early, have always been really into clothing and fashion. Started with dress up and art classes. I got best dressed in the yearbook! I just could never find the things I wanted to wear. That’s when it started. I made clothes for myself and then started making for friends and then re-working vintage for a store in Portland.
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