October 11, 2009


J'aime Lizotte's Zipper dress


An overflowing castle
Fashionistas swarmed the Park Plaza Castle Friday for Emerging Trends 2009, a gala featuring up-and-coming designers like Keith Lissner of Bravo’s “The Fashion Show.’’ Amid all the fancy trimmings, however, the show had a fatal flaw: There was simply too much going on - 14 designers is a lot, even in a castle. But there were outstanding collections. New York designer J’aime Lizotte, for instance, showed some striking architectural silhouettes, interestingly accented with leather and zippers. Caitlin Allen’s collection reworked country club chic, giving it an urban twist. And Lissner finished up the night with a collection mostly made up of draped goddess gowns and flirty frocks.

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